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 Re-Style. Re-Use them. Play a part to save the Earth.

Our story

Upcycle was found by Rose of Sharon Boutique (ROS) – a Singapore-based ladies’ fashion boutique.

Owned by Ms Yannie Yong – A strong advocate of Sustainable & Upcycled Fashion 

Upcycling is about taking old, worn or damaged clothing and transforming it into something new.

Clothing that doesn’t fit any longer or is torn, stained; or otherwise damaged, can be refashioned into a new product.

Also referred to as repurposed clothing, reused clothing and recycled clothing – our upcycled clothing is becoming increasingly popular in today’s fashion industry.

Yannie wore an upcycled outfit during the Grand Coronation of the recent Mrs Singapore Pageant 2022. 


Imperishable. Livable. Renewable.

Turning the old into new is at the heart of the circular economy and upcycling is a perfect example of how that can be done. Upcycled fashion can be made from post-consumer waste (items that have been purchased, worn, and discarded) or deadstock (leftovers).

Feasible. Unceasing. Going Green.

In a nutshell it means using something that already exists and turning it into a new item, meaning no new raw materials are needed, instead older clothes are kept in circulation instead of going to landfills.

Supportable. Unending. Worthwhile.

The benefits of shifting towards a circular economy are becoming more and more recognised not only from an environmental point of view but also considering the uniqueness and originality that distinguish upcycled garments.

Studies show that upcycling can reduce carbon emissions by 4-25% compared to purchasing new.


Outfits worn during the Grand Coronation.

Supporters of Upcycled Outfits: [Left to right] 
Yannie Yong
  – Elite M.S Singapore 2022 

Angeline Soh – Mrs Singapore International 2022

Janet Patt      –  Elite Mrs Singapore Asia Pacific 2022

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